This is going to be great!


Chris loves holidays. So it’s no surprise that he decided to propose while overseas. Tax breaks on the ring and everything! Whoot!

SAID yes!

This is not the Kelly that we all know. Engaged. Preggers. Settling down. Ok, aliens, what have you done with the real Kelly Grace?!

Please RSVP by 30 April 2016

So that we can properly plan our guest list and finalise the wedding, it would be wonderful if you could RSVP as soon as possible.



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The Story of Chris and Kel

Together. Forever. Thanks to Tinder?!

He swiped right. She swiped right. The rest is history!

No, not really. But it makes for a good story, doesn’t it? If you don’t know the real story of how we met, fell in love and ended up here, then you best be making your way along to the wedding. There’s plenty of family and friends who will be happy to embellish stories and tell tall tales after a few drinks.

Wedding Details

Date: 22 October 2016
Time: 3pm
Location: Noosa Woods Bay
Dress-code: Cocktail
See Further Details

Date: 22 October 2016
Time: 5pm
Location: Sails Restaurant, Noosa
Dress-code: Cocktail
See Further Details

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:
Kelly – 0432 503 523
Chris – 0410 249 223

Your Thoughts & Wishes

I am pumped for you both, and looking forward to being there for what no doubt, will be a fabulous day.  Congratulations on the engagement, bring on the wedding! I love happy endings and I'm so glad you guys have found each other - but unfortunately the massage industry has ruined the term "happy endings".
Christina HarwoodLong suffering friend

You know when you're growing up and you imagine the person you're going to spend the rest of your life imagine someone who is your best friend, the person who you can piss your pants laughing with to a joke that no one else understands, someone who'll be honest enough to tell you when you're being a bit of a knobber? Well...Kel and Chris have found that...and I couldn't be happier. Kel is the best human that I know and she has found her best human! Congratulations you crazy love birds!

Natalie GraceBig Sister

Hi Kel & Chris, the countdown has begun to the ‘wedding of the year’ (mine will be ‘wedding of the decade’). Can’t wait to celebrate with you two (or three I should say). Yay!

Dane BrazenasUn-maid of Honour

Can't believe that Kelly Grace is finally getting married. Lost that bet. Bugger. Annnyyywaaayyyy, it's so great to see both Chris and Kelly happy and looking forward to their lives together. And I can't wait to drink all of your booze at the wedding! Yay!

Lee MathersLong time victim
Lee Mathers


Feel free to leave a message. We’d love to hear from everyone.
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